Self-Storage Tips of Storing Christmas Decorations

As the holiday season comes to a close, you're considering how to store your Christmas tree in a self-storage unit for the next year. Similar to many items, inadequate preparation for storage can lead to damage to your Christmas tree. Worry no more! Ocala Storage Park prepared this guide for you to prevent this as we know that it's crucial to properly organize and store your Christmas tree. Explore our Christmas tree storage tips below:
Self-Storage Tips of Storing Christmas Decorations
Take Down the Decorations from the Christmas Tree
To start, gently take off all ornaments and decorations from the Christmas tree. If the tree is not pre-lit, also remove the lights. Place all decorations and lights carefully into storage containers and boxes for the next year. If there's a Christmas tree skirt around the bottom, take it off and fold it up for storage.
Check for Lights That Are No Longer Working.
If the Christmas tree is pre-lit, it's crucial to inspect it for burned-out lights before storing it in our self-storage units. To check for burned-out lights, locate the bulb at the bottom of the tree nearest to the light plug and follow the line of lights visually to identify any non-working lights. If you discover lights that are not functioning, replace them with the spare bulbs.
Disassemble the Tree Into Sections.
Next, dismantle the Christmas tree with care. Depending on its size, it may consist of three to four sections, each plugged into the next one. Begin by removing the top piece, unplugging it from the middle section, and continue until all pieces are disassembled. If the tree stand is not attached, also remove it for storage.
Bend The Tree Branches Into Place.
To maximize storage efficiency, carefully bend the tree branches into position, taking care not to damage the bulbs in the process.
Store The Christmas Tree in a Storage Container.
For proper protection during storage, utilize an artificial Christmas tree storage bag. Avoid storing your Christmas tree in a box, as cardboard can deteriorate over time and fails to provide adequate protection for your tree.
Keeping Your Christmas Decorations in a Drive-Up Self Storage Unit
If you enjoy transforming your home with elaborate decorations for various seasons, consider using our storage unit to store seasonal decor. Ocala Storage Park offers drive-up self-storage units in different sizes from smaller sizes of 6x10, 10x10 and 10x20. Renting a storage unit with Ocala Storage Park ensures your belongings and Christmas decorations are securely stored and can be used for the next holiday season.
Start Storing Your Christmas Decorations
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